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Free Hormone Consultations with nurse practitioners and Pharmacists


  1. Ask about natural hormones
  2. We prepare prescriptions that contain estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, D.H.E.A, and pregneolone.

These natural hormones can be compounded into trans-dermal creams, gels ointments, suppositories, applicators, sublingual drops, torches, and various kinds of capsules including oil and slow release. 

We compound all hormones, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, D.H.E.A, pregnenolone, etc.

 Compounding is the art of customizing medications to fit individual needs. we customize unique formulation to help doctors solve dosages and formulation problems.  if a patient is unable to swallow or inject a medication, preparation of an alternate dosage from can b created.  it also helps patients who have problems with allergies to dyes or preservatives that are found in manufactured drugs, since we can prepare them with out additives or preservatives. bad tasting medications can now be made to taste good. 

Breast & Whole Body Thermography

 We will meet with a patient and write an order for lab test which are covered by most insurance companies. We will then meet with you to review your lab results.  There are nine basic hormones that run your body. Hormones have helped our patients sleep better and have a better sex life. 

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